Daily we see people walking through the door that are facing extremely difficult situations. Recently, we were able to help a homeless mother of a 4 pound baby girl (not a typo) seeking shelter, food and clothing for the baby. The baby girl was two months old and just released from the hospital. Imagine a little person with no more than a t-shirt and not even a blanket with which to be covered. The Christian Clearing House (CCH) volunteer was able to issue the voucher for food and diapers were provided through the CCH Caring Cupboard. The family was referred to Hope House to secure long-term housing and holiday help. The immediate need of the baby being without clothes still existed. Debbie, CCH’s Office Manger, jumped into action and contacted her daughter to get some newborn clothing and blankets, recently used by her own granddaughter. Sometimes at the CCH office the staff is called upon to go above and beyond, especially if children are involved.

A serious auto accident involved family members of a volunteer at CCH. Reluctantly, the volunteer came to CCH seeking assistance with a utility disconnect for one of those involved. It was a great blessing to have the individual stop by the CCH office and offer gratitude for the assistance received to keep the electric connected.
Linda (name changed) was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and referred to CCH from Cancer Patient Services, because she was facing disconnection of her AEP electric bill. Linda was a nurse and was unable to work due to her medical condition and treatments associated with it. CCH was able to share the total cost of the disconnect notice with Associated Charities and keep Linda’s power on. She was referred to The Community Action Commission to seek long-term assistance for her utilities. In addition, Linda received information about food assistance and holiday help in the community.

At CCH we get to witness struggles by those living in our community on a daily basis. Because of YOU, we also get the opportunity to make an impact and improve lives. The financial support you provide helps to make lives better.
Thank you and God Bless!