As the holidays approach, at CCH we know the need for our service intensifies.  Local families find it difficult to keep up with normal expenses.  Not only are there costs associated with Christmas giving, utility use increases and children are home from school (due to holiday vacation time), resulting in winter heating bills to  go unpaid, rent payments falling behind and food may become sparse. At CCH we are able to provide HOPE for local families with these needs.  Because of YOU, our donors, CCH staff and volunteers are able to provide support with a referral or direct aid to those who struggle. 

Recently Marcy came to the CCH office.  Marcy has an  intellectual disability and lives independently in an apartment located on her parent’s property. In tears, Marcy was trying to decipher the eviction notice she received earlier in the day (signed by her mother).  Marcy shared that her step-father didn’t support her and forced Marcy’s mother to post the notice. She also shared that she hadn’t had anything to eat for the past four days; Marcy’s mother was not “allowed” to offer her food (per the step-father).   

Our loving volunteer Ginny Lee was able to dive deeper into the situation and found that Marcy is three years clean from addiction.  Although she remains clean,  the step-father is not supportive of Marcy. 

Ginny Lee felt it was in Marcy’s best interest to help pay for her past due rent, so a rent note was issued.  Ginny Lee also issued a food voucher and a resource guide for available food.   Talking with  Marcy, she was encouraged to look at alternative housing and was referred to Hancock Metropolitan Housing Authority to apply for permanent housing.  Today, we offered HOPE for Marcy!

We couldn’t do what we do without YOU!  Your support makes a huge difference.  Please consider donating to  CCH.  Donation envelopes are included, or online