Spring is a time of renewal and watching the earth come back to life. Findlay and Hancock County are growing – our downtown has been recently beautified, jobs seem to be plentiful and the city has been named the top micropolitan city for the fourth straight year. It becomes easy to overlook local folks that are facing difficult times, things many of us take for granted: a warm home, food, clean clothes, a reliable car, toilet tissue, etc. It is hard to believe that so many right here in Hancock County fail to meet personal, basic needs. Daily those struggling enter the Christian Clearing House (CCH) doors seeking solutions to stay in their homes, to keep their heat connected, put food on their table, fill necessary prescriptions, etc. It is disheartening to see so many of our neighbors without these basic necessities. Even with the growth within our community, CCH continues to see between 400-500 requests on a monthly basis. The help provided would not be possible without you!

A typical day in the office can often become a struggle for volunteers and staff to figure out how best to help. This week alone Sally came to CCH looking to fill a prescription not covered under her Medicare prescription plan. Sally’s medication was necessary, but the cost was more than CCH could cover.


The volunteer was able to print a coupon from GoodRX for a reduced price enabling CCH and Associated Charities to split the cost of the medication. Andrew was here needing steel-toed boots for a new job, Tonya needed help paying her electric bill – she was off work on a medical leave, James needed his wheelchair battery replaced, Kristen came in because her car broke down and she used her budgeted food money for the car repair – the needs are great. Donor dollars help to make a difference and improve lives each and every day.

At CHH, we see single mothers, seniors living on fixed incomes, individuals and families living on disability, and many others that blend into our beautified community.   The needs continue. Without our wonderful donors and volunteers, CCH would not be able to continue to provide support and improve lives. Your financial support makes a difference. Please visit www.cchsupport.org for more information, or stop by the office!