As the Novel Corona Virus continues to impact our everyday lives, at CCH we continue to see the trickle- down effect of how many in our community have been affected.   The moratoriums for rent and utilities have created huge past due amounts for clients, typically larger bills than CCH has the ability to pay.  Luckily our location at The Family Center enables CCH to reach out to other agencies in order to split past due amounts and enable the client to advert a crisis. 

Shelly,  just 22 years old and living on her own, lost employment due to her company closing (during the pandemic).  She was able to draw unemployment during the onset of the pandemic, but continued to seek employment opportunities.  She accepted a new position that paid less than half of the income from the previous employer.  Tearfully, Shelly came to CCH seeking assistance with her AEP electric bill. 

As Shelly disclosed her income and expenditures it was apparent that some of her bills (car insurance, phone and health care) were being paid by someone else. 

After digging a little deeper, Shelly disclosed her grandparents helped, but she was embarrassed to ask them for additional assistance.  Her grandparents have done so much for her already—as a child, Shelly’s parents had died in a car accident and her grandparents had raised her. 

CCH was able to pay Shelly’s bill with CARES Act Funds.  She was going to start a second job over the weekend and was certain that she would be able to make ends meet.    At CCH, our hearts go out to young people like Shelly, trying to find their way to adulthood and adjusting to the adversities that life has handed them. 

Many are coming to the offices for past due utility bills, rental eviction notices, and in need of food, etc.  We are also seeing a lot of requests for steel-toed work boots, so hopefully that is an indication that employers are hiring. We all are looking forward to the day that ‘normalcy’ will prevail.  

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