The need for items for the CCH cupboard is ongoing.  When the agency assists between 400 to 500 families monthly, the supplies dwindle quickly! 

Members from area churches support our efforts by taking collections.  We also have many individual donors that stop in with supplies on an ongoing basis.  Without this support, the Caring Cupboard would not be able to help our clients with necessary taxable items. 

Today, we want to thank everyone who gives graciously to the cupboard.  Our clients appreciate having laundry soap, dish soap, toilet tissue, diapers and other necessary items. This year we are adding hats, gloves and scarfs to the request list. 

YOU make a difference.  If you would like to help, donations can be dropped  off at the CCH office.  Please call the office prior to dropping off a donation.    Thank You!

Caring Cupboard Items Needed

· Toilet paper

· Diapers

· Deodorant

· Feminine products

· Laundry detergent

· Shampoo

· Conditioner

· Tooth paste

· Tooth brushes

· Bath soap (bars)

· Shaving cream

· Dish detergent

· Baby wipes

· Hats, gloves, scarfs