Prayer is powerful!
God is always listening and helps heal the broken. At Christian Clearing House (CCH) there is a prayer board hanging on the wall. This is an easy way for those facing difficult or emergency crisis to ask for prayer. Staff, volunteers, churches and others read the board to extend prayers for the requests. Volunteers interviewing with clients often hear the heart wrenching stories (sometimes very difficult to listen to). They too add prayers to the board for those with extreme needs.

Those entering the CCH office come from all backgrounds and have many different needs. Some are homeless, some are single parents working in low paying jobs, some are facing a serious medical condition and are unable to   work — whatever the situation — the client is treated with kindness and respect. Often those working struggle because they have just enough money to make ends meet. When something happens (such as a car repair or a child being ill — causing them to miss work) it can send them into a downward financial spiral, making their world seem as if it is caving in.

The prayer board shows the depth of those facing crisis especially medical diagnoses. Here are just a few of the stories that the prayer board revealed:

Margaret was recently diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her optic nerve. Her doctor was located Columbus. Time was of the essence in order to save her sight. CCH was able to provide a gas voucher to get Margaret to the appointment.

Shelly’s daughter, Hatley (age 2) was having difficulty breathing over the warm Memorial Day weekend. Hatley was recently diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. CCH was able to provide the funds to purchase a small air conditioner to help Hatley breath easier.

Robert was facing disconnection of his AEP electric service. His wife was on a breathing machine due to lung condition. The utility company had already offered all the assistance that was available. CCH was able to make a payment to help keep the power on.

CCH would like to thank everyone that keeps our agency and those struggling in our community in your prayers. We could not do God’s work without the love and  support you provide. We are truly blessed.