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Through the power of Jesus Christ….Helping individuals and familes overcome and avoid emergency crisis.


The mission of the Christian Clearing House (CCH) is to provide emergency assistance for our neighbors facing financial, emotional, or spiritual needs in Hancock County.

CCH is a non-profit organization that exists as an association of churches. Collaborating with local agencies, and individuals to promote effective use of community resources. Along with areas churches, of which there are more than 50 member church congregations, CCH is governed by a Board of Directors working in conjunction with a small, paid staff and a large number of volunteers. Finances are also raised through donations, fund-raising efforts, and/or grants.

By combining the resources of these member church congregations, CCH is able to assist citizens in Hancock County that are homeless, unemployed, disabled, working at minimum paying jobs or are experiencing an unusual financial crisis. CCH has the ability to give small assistance at times with food, rent, utilities, medical prescriptions, gasoline and many other miscellaneous needs.

Founded in 1994, CCH began when 13 local churches came together to address a common concern among Christians –to help the needy.  Today, CCH truly acts as a clearing house, giving vouchers and pledges as well as cooperating with local social agencies on referrals.



Persons in emergency need should contact the CCH office by visit or call us at 419-422-2222. Staff will then determine the extent of the emergency and decide upon the course of action. If other resources will better serve the client, applicants will be directed to these resources and/or social agencies.

CCH will help to identify and clarify other problem areas expressed by the applicant during an interview and recommend appropriate services. After the evaluation and verification process, CCH may provide a voucher or pledge to satisfy the applicant’s need, if no other resources are available.



Volunteers and churches are an integral part of CCH. Volunteers help the CCH staff on a daily basis. Regular training sessions are conducted to acquaint those interested in the work of CCH.

Financial contributions from the community are always in need! Client needs continue to increase and our budget continues to grow.

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