As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is easy to forget about our neighbors that face such difficulty.  Recently Mary came into the office seeking assistance with her husband’s prescription medications.  The two medications were pricey (over $400 monthly).  Mary works as a nurse’s aid and her husband Max is no longer able to work because of health reasons.  CCH agreed to pay for one of the prescriptions (which is above our dollar guidelines for help).  Mary was asked to choose which of the two medications she would like us to fill—with tears in her eyes she chose the heart medication.  Tammy, the Executive Director, intervened by going to Caughman Clinic and talking with the staff to see if there was anything that could be done to help the family.  The doctor overheard the conversation and immediately looked at Max’s chart and directed the nurse to get some prescription samples for his patient.  CCH was able to write a check to help with the other medication.  Max has been put on a long-term assistance program to avoid complications moving forward.  Mary was so appreciative and broke down in tears thanking the volunteer for the miracle that had just happened.

No two days at the CCH office is ever the same.  Marco came into the office seeking transportation to Wexler Medical Center.  He has had many health concerns and is extremely ill.  Marco lives on limited income and had paid a friend to transport him to Columbus.  This  friend never showed up.  The volunteer helping  was determined to make sure he got to the hospital.  She  called her husband who agreed to transport him.  This is not typically the avenue CCH would take, but his situation was dire.  Before, Marco was admitted for treatment  he thanked the driver repeatedly for the help.  Sometimes we take a leap of faith.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and often we are unsure of why we are the solution.  We must trust His decision to serve in many different forms.  You—our donors are such an important part of making CCH successful. Miracles that happen in the office wouldn’t be possible without your continued support!

Thank you!