March 18 from 8:30-4 PM
March 19 from 1-4 PM
Brinkman’s Greenhouse 
1800 E Sandusky St., Findlay, Ohio 45850 

Donations will be accepted Feb 18 until March 11.
Donations must be in good repair.
We are unable to accept pianos, tubed tv’s, entertainment centers, adult clothing or encyclopedias.

CCH will provide limited pickup of larger items as long as the items are on the ground floor and sellable condition. Call the office at 419-422-2222 for details.

The Velvet Chandelier (Presale event) will be held from 6-8PM on March 16, 2023.
Tickets are $50. Visit the CCH website at to purchase tickets. Add Velvet Chandelier in comments. Ticket will be available in the office after February 6, 2023.