At Christian Clearing House we are very grateful for your support! Your commitment has a positive impact during difficult times for families with emergency needs. Today, Jeanie came to the CCH office because she was facing disconnection on both electric and gas bills. Jeanie had recently had two surgeries and was unable to work. She shared that her bills are always paid on time and was humbled to have to come into the office asking for assistance. When asked what caused her to fall behind? She explained (with tears in her eyes) she needed her prescribed medication and had purchased the necessary medications with dollars set aside to pay the utility bills. Fortunately, AEP’s Neighbor to Neighbor program was able to assist her with the electric disconnect and CCH and Associated Charities split the gas bill. Jeanie was so grateful, she was crying tears of joy thanking and hugging volunteers and staff numerous times.

On the same day, Doug (a single dad) came into the office requesting help with gasoline. He needed to transport his eleven year old daughter to Children’s Hospital in Columbus because she needed to have brain surgery.   In addition he shared he was behind on his lot rent because of the lost work taken to be with his daughter during multiple hospital stays (often we see people working at jobs that do not provide paid medical leave). When emergencies like this happen, bills often go unpaid and the downward spiral of financial instability starts. CCH was able to give him the dollars needed for the lot rent and also a gasoline voucher to get his daughter to Columbus. With a smile on his face, Doug thanked the volunteer for the help we provided.     YOU make a difference….Thank You!