Daily the staff and volunteers are on the front lines of helping those facing difficulty with a  multitude of different reasons when a client  visits the CCH office (between 400-500 requests monthly).  Typically we see those who  need food, have a disconnection on a utility or are in need of help to pay rent or trying to achieve better living conditions and need help with a security deposit. 

Many times the client is distraught and seeking assistance at the last minute because they simply cannot pay their bill and are facing disconnection or eviction. Working with some clients can be challenging.  The challenge can come in many forms—perhaps they are lacking basic hygiene, embarrassed to talk, they tell us only a portion of their story;  they do not have the basic understanding of how to manage their finances and are ashamed to share.  The staff and volunteers at CCH go above and beyond trying to solve often difficult predicaments that clients get themselves into.  The volunteer takes time to listen and problem solve with kindness and compassion.  This is often a difficult task when poor choices are made. 

William (and his daughter Susan) is elderly and wheel chair bound.  It was recently discovered his home was infested with bed bugs (not a very pleasant thought), and all of his money was used to pay to have the home exterminated.  Volunteer Michelle graciously entered the necessary information into the data base and through the interview process treated William with respect and kindness (even though the situation was quite uncomfortable).  Tammy Stahl, Executive Director was able to call Tony at Art Van Furniture and he had a slightly damaged mattress and box springs he was willing to donate to William.  This is such a giving community and without the willingness and kindness from both Michelle and Tony, CCH may not have been able to help.   

With the frightful cold recently, the CCH staff choose to go into the office just in case there were unmet needs. Jackie walked into the office wearing only a sweatshirt as a coat. It was her first time at CCH. She explained she and her three children were homeless. They had been staying in a motel and she ran out of funds. Her children’s babysitter was letting the family sleep on the floor of her apartment until Jackie got paid. The family needed food— a voucher was issued. Jackie was given a hat and gloves. Thank goodness for the Family Center! With the help of Kevin, the Building Manger, she was able to get a coat.    Kindness matters!  At CCH we would not be able to do what we do without the support of YOU our donors.  Thank you!